about the blogger
I am 15 years old, and my name is Skiylara. I often don't show myself because I do not feel beautiful, but I have a rare beauty which is found within the heart. I try not to hurt others. No one is perfect. My family is in ruins, my health at stake. But, yet, this state of mind...which you see on my blog...is what keeps me moving. These thoughts, dreams, ideas, and wonders...it gives me hope that I will be where I want to be someday. I won't be unhappy forever, and I know for a fact that one day..this tiny bit of light, called joy...it will find me.
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m y p l e a s u r e s:
Photography . Music . Kisses . Summer . Roses. Animals . Sunset . Shopping . Fashion . Vintage . Traveling . Sea . Smell of rain . First snow . Ice cream . Nature .etc
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" Mend a heart, don't break it."
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I am often misunderstood. I am a child at heart, and my dream is to give others the joy I could never have. I feel that everyone deserves an angel as their guardian. I believe that a different state of mind can save ones own personal soul.

* Disclaimer :
I don't take credit for any of these photos unless I say otherwise.